After 2 years my watch…

Long story short, I’ve always loved fashion and luxury goods. Even at a young age. Not to stereotype but I’m Asian and I grew up in Hawaii. Trips to Gucci and YSL at the top level of Ala Moana Mall were common to me as a kid. Haha I acted bored as hell like my kids do laying down on the velvet benches near the shoe section..

I digressed.. anyways, as a teen I have always wanted a Michele watch and 2 years ago with my bonus Pharma Rep money, I got one.. but It hid on top of my vanity table waiting to be adjusted. I finally got a watch repair kit on Amazon and tried to MacGyver the straps myself. Pretty risky considering it’s a watch with diamonds I’ve been waiting to own for over 15 years. I got the pins out but I couldn’t put them back in. Neither can my love, Brent and he’s a dude.

Another sleepless night and tons of YouTube videos and Google articles later, I figured it out!!! Take that little tube and put it back in the middle of the links where they came from then place the outer part of the links in place and push the main pin in. Hammer away and wal-a! I have my watch ready to use!!

But.. after 2 years I’m kinda wishing I had a square faced one instead of the round face.. so may be back to the drawing board with my watch search soon.

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