Up Cycling

Lately I’ve been battling a bit of insomnia.. So what is a girl to do?? Grab a tube of E6000 glue and start crafting! I’ve never been one to draw a straight line. Usually I’m the opposite and color outside the box.

My work still looks amateurish but it’s my style. More, never less. Somewhat over the top but not pushing too much.

This week, I took old and broken keycharms and earrings and created book marks and tassels for my agendas. I also bedazzled (a little too much) my Agenda MM. I’ve been scouring the web for a preloved multicolor PM or a brand new GM. Had a chance for the GM two days ago but I had second thoughts and now they’re sold out again.

Til then I’m heavily bidding on eBay and have my eyes watching my Agenda Group pages. Trust me girls and gents, agenda planning is the new crack that’s replaced adult coloring. So fun and is kinda more of adulting than coloring something that shouldn’t ever be turned into a coloring book.

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