LV Large Ring Agenda

For those that are planner happy, the elusive Luxurious LV GM Agenda or now referred to as the Large Ring Agenda is the grand daddy of all planners. It’s huge and if this doesn’t get my life together, then I guess I’m doomed.

There’s something about owning a LV planner. I don’t think it’s just the status but it’s also the durability and luxury that comes with it’s fine craftsmanship. Shhhh have you seen 20 year old agendas still selling for $500 on eBay? Wtf? I guess that explains why it was so difficult to get this damn thing and although I don’t mind pre-loved, I finally saw it available online and I bit the bullet! Yay! No kidding, as soon as I paid, it was no longer available online. So I have 2 weeks to find a more affordable version. I do like this and don’t mind buying it brand new. It sucks that on sites like Fashionphile and even eBay, resellers want to keep the prices high by taking agendas away from those that will actually use it so that they can re-sell it for above retail price. I’ve seen asking prices of $900-1200. Ridiculous.

My baby!! Will arrive longer than the 3 days LV products normally come but hey, good things come to those that wait.. Now, let’s shop for inserts and accessories!

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