My Package Has 2 Of 3 Things

With a name Stilettos, Agendas and Rainbows, it was inevitable I would receive a Rainbow Agenda Cover!

Tada!! Since it’s a discontinued model, I bought it pre-loved for a great great price from a Japanese eBay Seller. The date code shows that it was produced back in 2004!! Wasn’t expecting much and I had a few options to choose from. There were some that were cheaper with obvious defects like basically dark brown black water stained leather while others were more expected with also very dirty leather. I haven’t cleaned it yet but I don’t see any major defects other than a small superficial scratch on the interior leather and tarnishing on the brass.

I am very impressed with how the leather trim has evenly shown a honey patina color. The red glazed edges also has aged quite nicely. No cracking or tears on the outer leather.

Date code was quite difficult to find but I found it! Can you read it? I can and I’m not telling you how! Jk. This is made in Spain the 4th week (or month) of 2004. You can figure out how I got that!!

No inserts yet but I’ll do a reveal once I get the whole thing set up.

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