Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day America! The unofficially day that ends Summer. Today’s a hot one and to commemorate Summer 20018, my OOTD sums up 3 things I loved. Bandanas, tube tops and Fendi! Damn you Kylie Jenner! I’m old enough to be her teen mom but she influenced me on the F brand.

Mom Pants 2.0. After 2 kids, no amount of sit-ups will tighten the extra skin and then sum of my tummy. However, thank you Lord Jesus that high waisted pants are actually on trend lately.

Haha the more modest shot with my giant Deauville trying to cover up the extra skin exposed. By the look of the frizzy baby hairs, you can tell it’s a hot day and a girl has to be comfortable too. Headband and tube top to the rescue. No jewelry and minimal makeup today.

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